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This is Too Much Fun to be Exercise

These days while we are at home, it’s become increasingly easy to plop down on the sofa and couch potato the day away.


But just because we have to social distance, doesn’t mean we can’t be outside.  After all, we do need to stay active if we want to keep healthy during the pandemic.

Already out of shape?  No worries, Pedego Electric Bikes can help ease you back into an active routine.

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With the flip of a switch, the pedal assist has your back when you’re out of juice.  They even have a throttle you can use to help you up hills or keep you up to speed on longer rides.

With a 45-60 mile ride capacity on a single charge, a Pedego bike can keep you going even when your human battery is nearly dead, making long rides more pleasure than pain.

Not sure where to ride?  Check out the Pedego website for some great ideas for fantastic rides.

Have a beautiful, fun adventure while getting out and active!

For More Information:

Facebook: Pedego-Electric-Bikes-Norfolk



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