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Organize Your Home with Oasis Home Spaces

After she helped Patricia and Ashley organize their homes, Shelly Outten, from Oasis Home Spaces shared some more details about her business.  She explained to us what led her on her organization/interior design journey and why she loves it.

What does Oasis Home Spaces do?

We provide services which include Interior Decorating, E-design, Organizing Homes and Offices, and Staging home to sell.

Where are you located?

I serve Hampton Roads. My business requires me to provides services at the homeowner’s location, unless it is an E-design which is done completely online.


What is your slogan?

Transforming your home spaces into an Oasis

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How did you get into this business?

I have always had the desire to pursue decorating and organizing as well being an entrepreneur. I just had to make the decision to go for it after 20 years of working for somebody. I have so many ambitious goals to design organizing solutions that can be developed into products and grow an even larger following on Instagram which helps my business reach so many of my goals.

What’s the most important thing you do?

The most important thing I do is making homes beautiful and functional. Your home should make you happy and be your Oasis that you look forward to being in.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love completing a project and seeing the reaction on the homeowners face when I reveal the space. It is such an exciting feeling and it makes it all worth it.

How do your services impact people on a personal level?

My business makes an impact in reducing stress for homeowners because they love their homes and they can easily find anything they need in their home.

Can you share the funniest/craziest/most surprising story or experience you’ve had while doing what you do?

Doing what I do I see a lot of personal items that are surprising when I have no idea what they are and I am holding them in my hand, so this is probably not something I should talk about -ha ha!

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Facebook: oasishomespaces

Instagram: oasishomespaces

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