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Meet the Pollack Family

It’s crazy that the majority of Americans don’t know their neighbors. Even more crazy, is that most Americans can readily identify television families more so than the people who live next door! The Pollack family was part of that majority until Cox stepped in and helped them meet their neighbors. 

Living 757

The Pollacks have only lived in their neighborhood for about a year, so it isn’t too shocking that they don’t know their neighbors very well. When Cox reached out to tell them about the project, they thought it was really cool- and they were of course excited to meet some new friends.

Pollack family

The Pollack family really loved getting to film their sitcom intro, and had great things to say about the film crew! The boys favorite part on set? The snacks!! 

Pollack family

Their favorite part of the process was actually meeting and becoming friends with their neighbors. 

Pollack family

Watch the full video to see the Pollacks 80’s style sitcom intro! 


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