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Choose Your Medicare Plan Before Open Enrollment is Over!

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It is the open enrollment period of Medicare until December 7th, and many people don’t realize all of the options they have to consider!  Rick Gordon, the Director of Medicare Operations for Optima Health joins Living 757 once again to give us some insight!

Rick explains that there are several options when choosing a Medicare plan.

Original Medicare

The government offers standard coverage called Original Medicare. That’s your red, white, and blue card. It includes Part A hospital coverage and Part B medical and doctor’s coverage. Original Medicare only covers a portion of your costs and it does not cover prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is also known as Part C. It is an all-in-one plan where you get everything Original Medicare offers, plus additional protection from out-of-pocket costs. Rick says Optima Health offers Medicare Advantage plans starting at a $0 monthly premium.

Optima Medicare Salute

Optima Health also has a special type of Medicare Advantage plan that may interest Veterans. It is Optima Medicare Salute, and it is an option for Veterans and retirees who may have other prescription drug coverage. The plan has a $0 monthly premium, many $0 copays, and an affordable out-of-pocket maximum.



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The advantage of using Optima versus other Medicare plan providers, is all of the extras which they offer. Some of those extras are a grocery allowance, a “SilverSneakers” gym membership, a dental allowance and even transportation to and from medical appointments!

Some advice when choosing a plan:

  • Make sure your personal priorities are covered 
  • Double check to be sure your current medications will be covered 
  • Check and see if your doctors and specialists are in network on your selected plan

To learn more about Optima Medicare plans, you can talk with a Licensed Plan Advisor by calling 1-833-351-0475 or visit www.optimamedicare.com/va.

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