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Meet Local Hampton Roads Musicians, The “Starcoast” Band

We had a quick chat with the members of Starcoast and premiered their latest song, Believe In Love.  Now, we get a bit more personal.

How did you first know that you, as a band, were a good fit?

Sometimes when things jell you don’t think too much on it.  We kind of just have the same outlook for life.  We all just felt like brothers since the first time we kicked back, so it’s more of a family first, band second kind of thing. 


We never really thought about or questioned it fitting, but there was a moment after we got back from our first tour of the UK when we realized wow we just spent three weeks schlepping equipment across England and we still laugh at ourselves with each other, this could work.


When composing music, what is your inspiration?

We don’t think too much about that one either really.  We definitely want to try to make something that will move love to people and help them feel nice. 

We have listening parties at our house where we will sit and listen to stuff we find, and maybe that gets brought into the writing room.


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Who takes the lead when writing songs? Is it a group effort?

Music is so multidimensional, with “Believe in Love” it seemed like it dropped out of the sky.  We counted to four in the practice room and wrote the thing on the spot.  We write like an organism.

Whom do you hope to reach with your music?

We write this music for everyone, if they’ll have a go at it.


What is your favorite story/experience you’ve had a band?

Haha.  So we had a show fall through last minute in Manchester, so the three of us and our tour manager/zookeeper, Emily were driving around just running into venues to see if we could jump on a ticket.  We found one that was up this rickety staircase, we shuffled up it with our guitar cases and cymbals. 


We ended up in this edgy ex-rollerskating / disco club with lit up square floors and ceilings.  Weirdest place ever.  We kind of charged into the greenroom and amidst the local Man punk scene started chatting it up. 


They were the most welcoming, nicest group of people.  They without a blink directed us to where we would inevitably play our first set that night, The Peer Hat.  We went on to play a second after hours show at The English Lounge.  Ya ever need a hand, find the punkers in Manchester.


For More Information:

Instagram: starcoast.music

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Spotify: Starcoast.Spotify