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Leave Your Pets in Good Hands with Cosmopawlitan.

Sponsored By: Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads

Our friends at Invisible Fence have brought us another episode of Pet Corner.

Jackie Drumwright the owner of Cosmopawlitan, a pet care company, visits with Patricia and Quincy to share how she followed her heart and began a business she loves.

Her love for pets blossomed into a business idea during the pandemic, and she began walking dogs.  But walking is not the main focus of Cosmopawlitan. 

She also provides other services including pet care at home.  This means she will come to your home and stay overnight, and lovingly take care of your pet, including taking your fur baby to any scheduled vet or grooming appointments.  And as an added bonus, she will even water your pets!  How’s that for service?

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Jackie also recommended some tips to our hosts for keeping dogs happy.  Dog parks are key so they can run around and “feel the love”.  Also, dogs love to hear our voices, so feel free to sing and dance with your furry friends, and just have fun with them!

So whether you are taking a trip or are just looking to provide a bit more exercise for your pets, make sure to give Jackie Drumwright at Cosmopawlitan a call.

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We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.  For information on Invisible Fences cutting-edge solutions to your furry friends’ needs, make sure to contact them at (757) 595-5657, or check out their website www.invisiblefence.com

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