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Laughter and Massage, Two Great Ways to Heal

What does Dab Productions do?

Dab productions produce comedy shows independently and in conjunction with various organizations and venues in the 757. My business is more than just one form of bringing smiles and satisfaction to my customer base. Since COVID I have expanded beyond Comedy and Entertainment to include massage therapy. My training combines sweetish, sports, deep tissue, and other massages practices. 

Where are you located?

For comedy I travel to you although I produce more of my shows in the Hampton and Newport News area. For massage my spa is in Newport News. But I do travel to the client as well.

How did you get into comedy?

I got into comedy from friends saying I was funny and did my first open mic at college.

How else has the Covid pandemic affected you personally?

I believe I’m the first 757 based comic to contract COVID. It wasn’t from ignoring CDC rules, I was just unlucky and came in contact with it. It was an eye opener to how serious this virus is, although it didn’t effect me like most others, it was scary because I have kids and I had to Quarantine from them.  

Because I had COVID, awareness for taking CDC guidelines seriously remains a top priority regarding close contact with my clients especially when I travel to their location.


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What got you interested in Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy was always on my bucket list and when Covid shut the world down and I could no longer do comedy shows. I pursued it and signed up for school.

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How do you stay focused for success?

I believe in myself and abilities. And my will to Succeed keep me going.

How do you attract new business and customers?

My primary goal for attracting new businesses is when I do get new clients or patrons. Do a great job so they will come back and tell more people. I generate new ideas by looking at what other successful businesses are doing.

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