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Grab Your Skateboards, Virginia Beach; Woodstock State Park is Open

We welcomed Julie Braley from Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation to the show this week, and were very excited to learn about the new Woodstock Skate Park renovation.

Park attendance in Virginia Beach has spiked during the COVID pandemic as people are looking for fun, safe things to do outdoors. This makes the Woodstock Skate Park a wonderful new option.

This skate park opened on June 16, 2021, providing kids with a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some fun exercise.

The City of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation partnered with Hampton Roads Sanitation District to create this skate park. 

The facility is 30,000 sq. ft. and includes bowls and a snake run, along with different areas designed for all levels of skaters from beginners to advanced.

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Skate boarders are not the only ones able to enjoy the park. If you enjoy rollerblading, BMX or scooters, there are areas for those activities as well.

So whether you’re a pro on your skateboard, or you just want to watch the fun, make sure to visit the Woodstock Skate Park.

For More Information: VBgov.com/woodstockpark

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