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Frank Sings Frank

Frank Cubillo was born in Brooklyn, NY, so it is understandable that one of his strongest musical influences would be ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

After a long (38 years) career in the Marines, Frank Cubillo decided to completely change his career path and become a full-time musician.

While his wife may have been surprised at first, she supported him in his wishes and has enjoyed the ride.

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What is it about Frank Sinatra that captivates everyone? Cubillo explains that the perfectly written music was so well put together that it has become timeless.

The romantic lyrics and the beautiful melodies take hold of everyone who listens.

Cubillo is not only a fantastic singer, he is quite a dancer as well. During his performances, it is not uncommon to see him pull a lovely lady out of the audience and take a turn with her on the dance floor.

frank sings frank

But reading about Frank Sings Frank does not do him justice. Check out the segment to see and hear him in action.


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