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Financial Help For Cancer Patients

Jodi Newland, Executive Director of Daniel’s Grace Charitable Foundation sits with Patricia and Ashley to discuss why she created the foundation, and how it is helping cancer patients.

After being diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, and receiving help from people around the country,  her husband, Daniel Burns, realized how important it is to help others and not always put yourself first.  This weighed heavily on him, as he knew he would never be able to repay the kindness he’d received.

After Daniel passed, Jodi decided to take steps to honor his last wishes, and created Daniel’s Grace Charitable Foundation.

Daniel’s Grace Charitable Foundation helps with the financial struggles that families quite often face when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  

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Most people don‘t realize that 40% of dread winners lose their entire life’s savings during the first two years of battling cancer. 

When the family loses their bread winner’s ability to earn, the battles become much more difficult.

Through a social worker, or nurse navigator, patients can apply to the foundation.  The foundation  then helps identify the family’s greatest financial needs ie: rent, utilities etc, and aids the family in bridging the gap.

Beyond the financial help, Daniel’s Grace Charitable Foundation supports the emotional aspect of this disease.  Through the Little Red Mailbox, people can spread messages of hope and support. 

This special,  red mailbox is located in Little Island Park in Sandbridge, and is open to anyone wanting to lend  support or needing to receive or positive messages. There is also a journal in the mailbox where people can write about experiences for others to read.

Daniel’s Grace Foundation also sponsors events such as the Concert for Cancer and the Annual Roast on the River.


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