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Dollar Bank Helps First Time Homebuyers

Buying a house for the first time can be a very scary and intimidating process! Lucky for Hampton Roads, Dollar Bank is having a free event and workshop for first time homebuyers! 

first time homebuyer

The event is taking place on June 11th at Old Dominion University. It has been taking place for the last several years, and they are really excited to be back in person again! 

First time homebuyers will learn everything they need to know about the home buying process. This includes information on credit, information on how to budget and save for your first home, loan consolidation, mortgages, and the entire home buying process from beginning to end. 

first time homebuyer

If you are first time homebuyers, you can sign up for Dollar Bank’s home ownership program right on site during the event! They will even help with your credit. 

For more information on the workshop: 


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