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Dad How Do I? A Very Special Guest Visits Living 757

How do you tie a tie? Change your car’s oil? Shave?  These are just some of the things Rob Kenney teaches in his Dad, How Do I videos.  We were fortunate to have Rob Kenney, the creator of this video series, join the crew to talk about his heartfelt project.

At the age of 14 Rob and his siblings found themselves without a father to teach them many of the basic life lessons.  This meant that Rob had to figure out most of these things on his own.

Whether it is due to divorce, death or any other situation, being left without a father is an extremely difficult situation for any child.  Understanding exactly how this feels, Rob decided he wanted to help out the many children who find themselves fatherless.

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In his videos Rob answers the questions most kids, at some point, would typically ask their dad.  It didn’t take much for his videos to go viral. 

His kind and fatherly demeanor has been a tremendous hit and his viewers love how he always starts off with “Hi kids!”  He even throws in a typical Dad Joke.


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Some of his most frequently viewed videos cover how to use a grill, fix a running toilet  and how to unclog a bathtub.  His most viewed videos are  how to tie a tie and how to shave your face -both with 1.3 million views.  These videos garner thousands of supportive comments.

 Needless to say, Rob has been overwhelmed by all the internet love he has received, and he will continue to put out these informative and loving videos.  For all of Rob’s help we know his millions of subscribers would join us in a robust “Thanks Dad!”

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