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Clean Ur Feet -How to Make Foot Care Easier and Prevent Falls

After hearing how a near tragedy sparked Jerry Sheeley’s creative genius, we decided we needed to know more about the man who stands behind the clean feet movement. So we asked him a few, more personal questions.
Do you draw on your Navy career when doing comedy?
Absolutely.  Give a young black kid an opportunity to travel the world and see all types of people and experience the lives, food and traditions of different worlds. 
These experiences provide information and real life testimonies to share when I returned to the home-land USA. 
Also the years of travel and growing with military personnel who became brothers for life. 
Individuals from all walks of life living and sharing as we all work to defend the U.S.A. during peacetime / or times of conflict.
How does comedy help with motivational speaking?
Doing stand-up comedy is a beautiful way to experience testing one’s self. 
It gives you the opportunity to stand up in front of total strangers (peaceful or hostile) and stay focused on your work. 
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I believe comedy IS motivational speaking. 
Speaking in front of groups of people and trying to convince them that you are funny or trying to convince a group of individuals to believe in your message and be motivated to do something (join, buy, sell etc) 
What drives you to be a motivational speaker as well as an entrepreneur?
I have been blessed with an amazing amount of positivity and the energy to push through challenges. 
I have never met a challenge I haven’t found interest in: Navy, Real Estate, Comedian, Boxer, Swimmer, Broker, Securities Representative, Product Developer, Author, Poet just to name a few. 


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My Father died when I was 8 years old and I told him I will do my best no matter what. 
I am motivated to see black people – all people- do things that they never believed they could do. 
I want kids to get the opportunities to do whatever they want to do, and not be deterred for reasons that shouldn’t exist.
Do you have any projects / inventions currently in the works?
Yes I do.  Beside the Clean-Ur-Feet Device prototype, I’m working on a
Clean-Ur-Paws Device. Prototype and a recommended Reading Rack prototype 
And soooo much more……………
If you had to choose only one field to pursue: comedy, motivational speaking, inventing developing products; which will it be?
I would say Motivational Speaking, because it will give me the opportunity to hopefully turn on the light of hope in the eyes of a kid who doesn’t believe or a kid who doesn’t have a wild, loud, loving, energetic positive family member who looks like me. 
I would love to motivate anyone young or old and try to share this amazing light and inspiration I have been blessed with. (I know its a blessing because it’s hard to find).
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