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A Professional Ionic Detox – at Home

We knew we needed some more information about this fantastic at home ionic detox, so we asked Rebekah a few more questions:

How often do you recommend doing this sort of detox? 

We recommend a 60min detox twice a month for a great flush and metabolism booster.

Why is this type of detox done through the feet? 

The ionic foot cleanse is a holistic therapy known as aqua chi foot bath in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it works to balance the energy flow, replenish our cells and promote alkaline health.

Our feet have glands that are connected to other parts of our body and are able to detox through secretion. This is similar to our skin, tongue and armpits.

How long does the detox take?

 A detox session can range from minimum 30min or maximum of 90min per day.


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Do clients need to prepare in any way prior to doing the detox? 

We highly recommend drinking a lot of water before your cleanse and prepare to get rest afterwards.

After the detox, is there anything you need to avoid? 

You should avoid dehydration, overexertion, fatty or acidic foods as well as alcohol.

Should you drink more water prior to or after doing a detox? 

Yes, you should drink lots of water both before and after your session.

Do you think you will continue to provide the home detox as a service once everything opens back up? 

Yes we anticipate offering it post-Covid.

Although our at-home rental has become popular due to safety measures, it’s also favored as a family experience that includes unlimited detox spa treatments during your rental period. A win-win for all!

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