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34 by 34: Act to Impact

34 by 34 is the Cox family of businesses mission to empower 34 million people to live more prosperous lives, by the year 2034. 

34 by 34

34 by 34 focuses on six pathways where Cox has the tools and know-how to make a real impact:

  • Technology Access
  • Access to Lifelong Education
  • Employment Skills
  • Social Equity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Good Health

act to impact

The 34 by 34 Act to Impact Road Show is a nationwide tour, stopping at 10 cities along the way to educate and excite employees about Cox’s mission. 

34 by 34

Attendees can enjoy stations set up for each of the 6 pathways, participate in a scavenger hunt, enjoy local food and entertainment, and last but not least- win prizes! 

act to impact

Watch the full video to learn more about the 34 by 34 Road Show’s 7th stop- Hampton Roads. 

road show

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