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We LOVE exploring everything about Virginia, and we are not alone. Our fellow traveller and blogger Jessica Bowser from Virginia Outdoor Adventures shares her latest trip with us:

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia is a mecca for outdoor travel and adventure. As the host of Virginia Outdoor Adventures Podcast, I get to share my love and appreciation for the outdoors and encourage others to experience their own adventures close to home. That is why I am excited to be visiting with Destination Virginia so I can share even more places to go and things to do around our beautiful state. Connect with me on Instagram (virginia_outdoor_adventures) or Facebook and Twitter (@VAOAPodcast) to follow the adventure.

While the hiking trails are beautiful, the majesty of Belle Isle must be experienced from the water. I have visited Belle Isle before, but I wanted to come back and explore the park from a different perspective. So with my kayak in tow, I arrived ready to hit the water…just in time for a passing thunderstorm to roll through.

Rather than being bummed out by the weather, I took a moment to find joy in watching the storm. Belle Isle is flat and has many open fields so the sky can feel like it goes on forever. Once the storm passed, I launched my kayak and was on my way.

 Mulberry and Deep Creeks border the east and west sides of the park and provide easy paddling opportunities through narrow passages and multiple coves. These areas are full of wildlife such as turtles, fish, osprey, raccoons, herons, muskrats and beavers. The banks of the creeks are lined with oysters, clams and snails. The park provides a kayak launch for each creek. While paddling on the open water of the Rappahannock River, which borders the south side of the park, I witnessed an agitated Osprey defend its nest from a Bald Eagle. The Rappahannock River connects to Mulberry and Deep creeks and can be access from either kayak launch area.

 I thought I might have to cut my trip short when another dark cloud covered the sun. The rain began to fall before I could make it back to the boat launch but it passed quickly and I was treated to a spectacular light display as the setting sun illuminated the storm clouds.

After packing up my kayak, I started to drive towards the exit when I had a change of heart and decided to turn around just in case nature had a surprise in store. I could not have been more elated when a huge double rainbow streaked across the sky and seemed to cut right into the river. A perfect end to a glorious day.

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