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Alan Hunter Talks MTV and Finding a Home for All Those T-Shirts


For some, it’s hard to believe MTV, Music Television, got its start nearly 40-years ago.  For others, what is this thing you speak-of, music television?

Many people know the MTV network now for it’s programming, not music videos.  This “cable-thing” as some called it, started August 1, 1981 in New York.   It played music videos, hosted by “Video Jocks” or more commonly referred to as “VJ’s”.  Recently, Creative Living’s Jane Monzures caught up with Alan Hunter, one of the first 5 VJ’s to start the network and the last one to be hired before MTV hit air.

Our TV theme continues with American journalist, Paula Faris.  You may recognize Paula from her stints on Good Morning America and The View.  Jane talked with Paula about her new book “Called Out.”

Are you tired of eating the same old thing each week?  Us too!  We turned to Sam the Cooking Guy for some inspiration and to find out what’s he’s been doing in these challenging times.  Sam probably never gets tired of his cooking right?

Like cooking at home, we all are adapting to change.  The summer family vacation maybe adjusting to accommodate real world events.  We caught up with Kim Sabow of Arizona Tourism and Lodging Association on things we need to know when considering a getaway.

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I want my, I want my, I want my MTV! We loved talking to Alan Hunter so much we talked for nearly 20-minutes. The entire video segment is here.  Enjoy.