Discover Hair and Makeup Tips for Busy Moms


Host Rachelle McCray heads to the salon to get some hair and makeup tips for busy moms. We show you how Weight Watchers is perfect for your busy lifestyle; hitting the lakes or water sports and how to keep your wardrobe on trend.

Styles come and go and it’s sometimes hard to stay on trend. But as our style expert Angela Johnson shows us, you can stay trendy if you stick to some simple rules.

We take a trip to Altered Ego Salon to see how they combine good style with a coffee bar, and we’ll get some tips for busy moms on how to get your kids hair done in the morning without complaints.

We talk to a professional makeup artist on how to keep your skin looking fresh in your forties and the one thing you should do at any age to look younger.

See how The Nature Conservancy is putting their efforts to work in the city.

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