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Sharing the Love: Behind-the-Scenes

Sharing The Love Behind-the-Scenes debuts on YurView California Saturday, July 10th at 11:30am and again on Sunday, July 11th at 7:30pm PDT. Special thanks to Subaru of El Cajon.

It’s not often you are asked to be a part of something that starts small; and then catches fire. That’s the case for Sharing the Love. A unique idea by a couple who wanted to help out of work Artists, and Artisans, during the pandemic; by giving them a chance to perform for others

A simple pushback from one person to another on lending your time and talents to a good cause would generate a significant human test. An experiment if you will, to see what would happen if you only said “yes.”

Sharing the Love, Photo Courtesy: Randall Blaum

To the writer who got the call, “can you write a musical with only one line?” To the director and choreographer, introduced through a friend of a friend, “can you pull together a Broadway show in thirty days?”

Without either of them saying “yes,” there would be no Sharing the Love. And to the owner of a Subaru dealership in El Cajon, who gets the phone call, “will you support this venture, so we can make this a paid event?”

A “no” would have pushed the Friday night back-and-forth between a couple to just another one of those ideas that will never see the light of day.

Photo Courtesy: Randall Blaum

Here’s to all the people who said “yes.” Thank you for sharing your time, your talent, your resources, your love of the craft, but that’s what you sat out to do right? Sharing the Love, the musical, “yes please!”

Sharing the Love, Photo Courtesy: Randall Blaum