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“Christmas at the Princess, Believe in the Magic”

The much anticipated “Christmas at the Princess, Believe in the Magic” show is here! Every year this 30-minute television spectacular delights audiences young and old alike.

This season is no exception. The special programming pulls out on the stops. From family favorites like a visit with Mrs. Claus to the new additions like the character Princess Noel.

Host Erica Cardenas and Princess Noel Courtesy: Karyn Robinson

Hundreds of hours went into the planning and the actual build-up of the festival on-site. Whether you visit the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in person or capture the making of the magic on the show, this year’s event wins hearts as quick as you can say, “wish upon a star.”

Catch this year’s “Christmas at the Princess, Believe in the Magic” Sunday’s at 10:30 PM, Wednesday’s at 8 PM, Thursday’s at 6 PM and Saturday’s at 9:30 PM on YurView Cox Channel 4 in Phoenix and Channel 7 in Tucson.