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Explore Glass Sculpting With Circle 6 Studio


On this episode of Arizona Living – Your Home, Your Inspiration Jane Monzures learns how to sculpt glass. We’ll take a trip to Prescott to check out all of their activities, discover how to gain financial success, and see how weight loss surgery could be for you.

Up next, being educated about your finances is the first step to achieving your financial goals and the experts at Trajan Wealth are dedicated to helping guide you to financial success.

From finances to getting your weight under control.  For some people, diet and exercise is not enough.  Getting healthy may mean weight loss surgery. Before you consider surgery make sure you select the right team like the one at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona.

Right now, you may be thinking about sprucing up your home.  Perhaps new bedroom furniture is in your future?  Our friends at American Furniture Warehouse have some ideas that might help.

And finally we’re off to the town of Prescott. Just north of Phoenix, AZ, Prescott has a great deal to offer in outdoor activities for the entire family. A destination to put on the list to explore this Summer!

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