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On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Olga Dolynina. Fitness trainer, dancer ,Pilates and Yoga lover. She shows her passion for helping others to reach their goals. “As a former trained dancer, I was always part of the fitness world, taking and teaching group classes and feeling absolutely alive and connected to self and others through movement.”

What is your goal? 

My goal is to help people move to feel good and live longer and healthier lives. I’m thankful for today’s technology and the ability it gives me to have clients all over the country and the world.

What advice can you share with us?

Be ok with where you are in your life/career. Don’t compare your journey to others. Keep showing up for yourself. Setbacks are great lessons. Learn and keep moving forward. Celebrate small victories along the way. And always remember your WHY, 

For me, I’ve always loved the spotlight (both on the stage and in the studio). I discovered yoga through a personal injury and fell in love with the physical and mindful release it offered and wanted to share “yoga magic” with others

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