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Tips on How to Brighten Your Day Creating Simple Arrangements

Follow these steps to get flowers that last longer

White House Flowers owner, Dennis Thompson, talks about putting together flowers for birthdays, special occasions or just because you want beautiful flowers at home.

 The first thing to do is to prepare the vase. Make sure whatever container you are putting the flowers in has warm water. Start by cleaning your flowers to get rid of excess leaves and any loose or bad product like shade or droopy petals on the outside of the flower.

  • He suggests making the bouquet in your hand and then cutting it and putting it in the vase.
  • To create a well-rounded look he suggests alternating colors and adding flowers as you go, creating a circle. He prefers to use only flowers and not add greenery. Greenery is just filler unless you are trying to add texture
  • Once you get the size you want (your flowers are cold and your water is warm) measure your stems against the outside of the vase (stems should touch the bottom). Holding the stems firmly and using a sharp knife, cut the stems at an angle all at once with one fresh cut and place the stems in the water. Don’t use scissors to cut with because they pinch the stem and the flowers can’t drink.
  • Gently adjust the arrangement in the vase, adding greenery and texture if desired.

Thompson says following these steps you will have a great flowers and a mechanically sound arrangement that will last.