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Discover a Cool Trendy Environment at The Teapot

A family friendly, family experience restaurant with a European twist

The Teapot is a place to play, eat and relax. The concept of The Teapot is a family friendly coffee shop where people can sit and relax with friends or have a full meal. Owners of the Teapot, Raelyn and Jonathan Ping, say the inspiration came from a shop in London. Jonathan was born and raised in London. On a return visit they found a coffee shop where people could have a cappuccino and kids could run around.

For The Teapot, the Pings wanted to create a cool trendy environment where adults would want to hang out, and at the same time, a place where they could relax and have a safe environment where their kids could play.

Teapot Coffee Shop Arizona Teapot Coffee Shop Arizona

From the moment kids walk through the door there are things to catch their eye. The back garden is where the real adventure begins. It has a custom built playhouse for kids to play in and explore. The garden also has slides, a climbing wall and riding toys. The area keeps young ones happy and entertained.

The food at the Teapot is simple and healthy. An in-house baker makes everything on site.

Located in the historic Roosevelt neighborhood, the Teapot is a family friendly, family experience restaurant with a European twist.

The Teapot reopens in September and is located at 818 N 5th Avenue, Phoenix – 623-522-6027