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Discover Unique Tropical Atmosphere at the Perch Pub and Brewery

Stop by and say hello to Oscar, one of 50 rescue birds

When Rebecca, owner of The Perch Pub and Brewery, left her first career her goal was to open a coffee shop and wine bar. She purchased a piece of property in Chandler and discovered an adjacent property she calls “a little treasure”. The property was home, although run down, to tropical rescue birds. Rebecca purchased the property and opened a restaurant. With her love for beer the brewery was the way to go. With 40 craft beers on tap, including their own craft beers, they serve a full menu; offer garden seating and a rooftop lounge.

Perch-Pub-Brewery Perch Pub Brewery

Chef Tim McGovern describes the food as upscale American comfort food. One of the most popular dishes is the Brick Oven Tamale. Tim loves to watch people come through the door and see their reaction to the space. They can’t believe what they see; an oasis in the middle of Chandler. Kids love the birds and like to wander around and look at them. Tim and his staff offer the kind of service, food and drink that maintains that look of amazement and appreciation. It keeps patrons happy and coming back for more.

The Perch is located in Historic Downtown Chandler. It is a great place to enjoy friends, family, good food and brew. Stop by and say hello to Oscar, one of 50 rescue birds, sit a spell and enjoy the view.