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In Home Furnishings, Cool Blue is Red Hot!

By Cindy Kerr

In home decor, the color blue is both trending and timeless. From French provincial mansions, to Mediterranean hilltop homes, to coastal cottages, it’s as popular today, as it was in days gone by. Blue is restful, restorative and just plain beautiful, in furnishings and interior design.

Where Does Blue Rank?

In general, blue ranks at the top of the list, when it comes to popular colors. In a survey conducted by YouGov across 4 continents, with participants from 10 countries, including the United States, China and Germany; blue was number one. This kind of finding makes you wonder, just what makes blue so appealing?

Blue, a Long-Time Favorite

Early on, this peaceful part of the color spectrum, actually played a meaningful role in my own life. As a kid, my favorite toy was a stuffed blue rabbit; which my mom apply named “Bunny Blue”. He adorned my bed during the day, and kept me company at night. He was my go to protector, when the world got a little rough and tumble. Out of all my toys, I chose this small, blue fellow, to be my constant companion. But again, why was something blue, a chosen favorite?

Blue, Its Deeper Meaning

On color-meanings.com, Jacob Olesen explains, that blue, “is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust”. That must have been why, my four year-old self shared so many childhood secrets with Bunny Blue. To me, he seemed to characterize everything blue symbolized; he was loyal, strong, wise and trustworthy; down to his foam rubber core. Throughout those preschool years and beyond, he remained my favorite piece of home decor.

The Future of Blue, In Home Furnishings

Sure, blue is popular now, but will that popularity last; especially among home furnishing consumers? American Furniture Warehouse store buyer, Ashley Kaminski, believes that using the color blue, as a part of interior decor, is a trend that’s here to stay. She’s seeing blue in area rugs, accent pieces and even larger items; like chairs and sofas. Blue is so very versatile, it works in almost any setting, with any other color. Many of the rustic pieces, American Furniture Warehouse stocks, incorporate the color blue. One of the wood collections AFW carries, mixes a subtle blue, with an espresso finish, for a warm look; in bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. AFW handles a variety of furniture and accent pieces, in various shades and tints of blue. American Furniture Warehouse carries armoires, side chairs, coffee tables and couches; that range in coloring, from a touch of blue, shades of blue, to solids. Kaminski believes, if you’re looking for a focal point, in an area of your home, a vibrant blue can offer a high intensity, energetic feel.

A Little Goes a Long Way

You say you’re not ready to do a total style renovation? You’re in luck, just a touch of blue can really freshen up a room. If you’re aiming for serenity, try pairing a new blue chair with existing gray, purple or black pieces. HGTV.com contributor, Kayla Kitts, says combining turquoise with tangerine, gold and white, offers an exotic, global feel. A Better Homes and Gardens piece, by Ann Wilson says, navy blue could be the way to go, if you want a classic, comfy feel, with a weighty neutral presence. She goes on to extol the virtues of navy, by saying, its “dark tones capture the eye, cause lighter and brighter colors to pop, and complement interiors boasting coastal, classic, and contemporary character.”

Expert Advice

Whatever you’re considering to add to your home decor, the staff at American Furniture Warehouse can introduce you to what’s trending and what’s timeless and what’s beautiful, in the color blue.

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