If you frequently find yourself avoiding activities or outings with your peers, you might be experiencing social anxiety.

Social anxiety is defined as is a type of anxiety disorder that causes extreme fear in social settings. People with social anxiety have issues talking to new people, meeting new people, and attending social functions-both big and small. They fear being judged by others, which everyone does to an extent. But with social anxiety, the fear is immense.

Kyle Mitchell joins Calm, Cool and Connected for this episode to talk about how he went from socially anxious, to TEDx speaker.

Key Takeaways from Liz’s chat with Kyle:

• Hear about Kyle’s background and how he got into working with social anxiety
• Learn about the “snowball effect”
• Find out how Kyle describes social anxiety
• Discover the differences between being shy and being socially anxious
• Hear about Kyle’s “3-step challenge’
• Find out more about his TEDx Talk

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

Follow Kyle on IG: @socialanxietykyle
Learn more on his website: https://socialanxietykyle.com


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