Meditation for the Workplace

Creating a productive and healthy work environment is a challenge even during normal times. How do you create a thriving workplace when many are still working from home and still dealing with the ramifications from Covid-19? The answer might be surprisingly simple: meditation.

Joining this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is Meris Gebhardt, Founder of Opulent Mindfulness. She is here to share how her experience in sales and personal history of anxiety led to her founding a company to bring mindfulness to the corporate world.

Key Takeaways from Liz’s chat with April:

• Hear about Meris’ background and how she got the idea for her business
• Learn how Opulent Mindfulness works
• Hear how mindfulness can benefit both an individual and a corporation
• Find out how displayed care from an employer can make employees more present at work
• Learn  the differences between live mindfulness sessions versus pre-recorded sessions.
• Hear more about what sessions with Opulent Mindfulness are like

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

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