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DIY – Turn Dad’s Old Robe into Useful Car Wash Mitts

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Jane Monzures gives us a great gift idea for Dad – a diy car wash mitt. First, buy Dad a new robe to replace that old one he’s been wearing for so long. And then get to work!

What You’ll Need

      • Dad’s old robe
      • Knitted cuffs (from any craft store)
      • Kai scissors
      • Christmas wrapping paper
      • Pins
      • Pencil
      • Sewing machine

    How to do it

    1. Cut Dad’s old robe into big squares of fabric and set aside.

    2. Using the backside of the wrapping paper, draw out a dad-sized mitten pattern. Then cut it out.

    3. Fold the bathrobe fabric in half, pin the pattern to it, and then cut out the pattern.

    4. Sew two of the cutouts together around the top of the mitten.

    5. Turn the mitten inside-out and add the mitt cuff over the top of the mitten. Pin in place with the edges together.

    Sew around the opening and turn the cuff right-side out. Repeat all steps for the second mitten.

    And here are Dad’s new car wash mitts! Two gifts for the price of one! He’ll enjoy the new robe you bought for him but will never forget the old one.

    DIY car wash mitt