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How One Company Is Helping to Make Families’ Dreams Come True

Sponsored By: Procreate Fertility Center of Virginia

The decision to have a baby is a huge, life-changing and wonderful step for any couple to take.  The soon-to-be parents are so excited, and let’s not even mention the grandparents!

But what if the seemingly “most natural thing in the world”, getting pregnant, just doesn’t seem to happen?

This very private issue can be quite devastating for the couple.  What are their options? Who can they turn to?

Fortunately, Procreate Fertility Center of Virginia is here to help.

Their mission  “To be an answer to women and men facing the challenges of reproduction..” is backed up with a holistic approach, using technology while reducing overhead costs, in order to help more families reach their goals.

The anxiety of testing and waiting and wondering can wreak havoc on the emotional lives of couples who are struggling with getting pregnant.

Because they understand the pressure couples are under, Procreate offers a Fertility Testing Package which covers 3 fertility tests all in one day.

A high resolution ultrasound is the first step in looking at the female reproductive system.

A tubal dye study is then performed to check the to see if the fallopian tubes are open.

It is our goal to make infertility treatment more affordable and accessible to families by offering IVF with #INVOcell. In fact, Procreate is the first center in the state to achieve a successful pregnancy with INVO. https://t.co/dZMea2fSDz pic.twitter.com/6JaDshHBvv

— Dr Christian Perez (@CMPerezMD) January 25, 2019

The male factor accounts for 30-35% of issues with fertility, so it is important to check that as well.  A semen analysis is done to check for any abnormalities.

The sample can be collected in the office, or if you prefer, in the privacy of your home.  The results of this test can be delivered immediately.

What makes this so special, is that in just one day, the couple can get tested, receive the results, and have a treatment plan before they leave.

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Beyond relieving the anxiety of waiting for results, this makes it incredibly convenient for the couple as they do not have to make several appointments.

If you are dealing with this very private, sensitive issue, reach out to Procreate Fertility Center of Virginia.  You might have more options than you realize.


Starting a Family with Procreate Fertility 

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