Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) strives to fund at least one juvenile arthritis research project each year.

ANRF wants to provide the tools that parents need for detention.

On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Emily Boyd Stormoe, CEO of The Arthritis National Research Foundation. Hear all about how arthritis effects kids, how diet and lifestyle can be a factor in arthritis symptoms, the importance of listening to your kids, and most importantly how to treat Juvenile Arthritis.

Key Takeaways from Alexis chat with Emily: 

• How many people suffer from this disease?
• A healthy lifestyle is the key, stay active as much as you can
• ANRF recognizes the severity of JRA disease in kids and that is why a program was started to fund at least one grant per year ($100,000) specifically for juvenile arthritis research.

Juvenile Arthritis website: curearthritis.org
Connect with Emily on Twitter: @curearthritis
Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CureArthritis 

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