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How Women Expanded Democracy Exponentially

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Karen sits down with Laura McKie, the director of Lucy Burns Museum.

The brain child of Laura McKie, this museum is dedicated to the millions of suffragists who fought so hard for women to have the right to vote.

Lucy Burns was a suffragist who co-founded the national women’s party.

Picketing the white house was how they got their message out to the president.

Many women were arrested and imprisoned for this.

The suffragists endured torture, such being force fed through the nose, and physical beatings.

This treatment culminated on the famous November 14th, Night of Terror.

The suffragists did not give up.

Eventually the 19th amendment was ratified giving millions of women the right to vote.

This museum highlights the many hardships that the suffragists endured and the how they ultimately achieved their goal.

The Turning Point Suffragists Memorial is currently underway.

It will be located in Occoquan Regional Park, part of the historic prison grounds were suffragists were jailed.

Pat Wirth, the executive director of the Turning Point Suffragists Memorial Association, was able to share their plans for this incredible memorial.

This memorial will honor the over 5,000,000 women, who for over 7 decades, fought for women’s right to vote.

Their fight resulted in the greatest expansion of democracy ever seen in a single day -anywhere in the world.

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