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How to Prep Your Living Space for Virtual Learning

Here are a few tips and ways to help create a positive and effective virtual learning environment at home for your kids.

It’s back to school time! And for many of us, that means creating a learning area at home for our kids. Erica Cardenas, host of Doing More, provides tips and ways to help create a  positive and effective learning environment as our kids learn virtually.

Creativity and flexibility are key.

If your child doesn’t have enough space in their room for a desk and they have to use yours, make it feel like their own space by decorating the area with some of their artwork. Also be sure to have their school supplies and tools readily available throughout the day.

Let the dollar store be your best friend.

One of the most helpful tips for virtual learning is to shop at your local dollar store. You’ll find all sorts of things to get your child’s work area ready. And the best part is it won’t break the bank.

Make sure hydration and snacks are easily accessible.

Hydration is imperative, so always keep a water bottle on the desk along with snacks. Any quick, easy and nutritious snacks your child can grab from the pantry or fridge is a big win.

Get your kids involved in creating their own work space.

If your child is older and has the extra space in their room, you can find a single person desk and small chair for an economical price. Then let them help create their work space so it feels more like them. Doing this means they’re more likely to thrive throughout the school day.

Prop a pillow or cushion on the chair for added comfort.

No matter the age, sitting down for long periods of time can become uncomfortable. If you prop a pillow or cushion on the chair, it not only helps with poor posture, but it adds a little more comfort-ability for your student during the day.

And the final tip from Erica Cardenas… “This is all new for all of us so give yourself grace and patience as you continue to navigate the online learning experience with your kids. Take one day at a time. As always, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful.”