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Back to School: Virtual PE Ideas to Keep Kids Active at Home

We’re headed back to school this fall, and for the majority of us that means a virtual experience. So it’s very important that we get out and do virtual PE to keep our kids active while finding ways to stay engaged and safe.

Niki Jones, owner of the San Diego Moms shares a few fun ways to keep your kids active while you’re in the distance learning model.

Create an obstacle course in your house.

Play a good ole game of Hopscotch.

Play Red Light, Green Light with the kids.

Practice virtual yoga. Search “Cosmic Yoga” on YouTube.

They’ve got plenty of great resources and ways to keep your kids active. They provide yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids by using interactive adventures.

Play a game of Twister with the fam.

Four square is also an amazing game to play. If you didn’t play it as a child, definitely introduce it to your family. And other fun activities are kids’ dance-along programs on YouTube.

Use the awesome resource called GoNoodle.

GoNoodle is sort of like YouTube but it’s specifically for kids. There are agility drills, and  they’ve partnered with NFL Play 60 which is perfect if your kids are into sports. They also have mindfulness and instruction in yoga practices as well as many crafts and other activities.

Dance and burn a bunch of calories with Kidz Bop.

They take all the top hits we love to listen to, but they make them into a clean version. And kids sing along to them. They’ve launched a virtual series where you can learn the dance moves too.

As we continue to do PE at home, keep them active with things like virtual dance classes, martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu or sports since maybe their leagues might be out this fall.

Use the app Dribble Up to really engage in sports.

You can download and actually have the ball kind of tell them whether or not they are doing it correctly. All you need is a Smart Ball and your phone to do the live sessions from anywhere.

Create an obstacle course in your front or back yard.

Letting the kids get fresh air and keeping them moving is incredible. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the outdoors while they get much-needed exercise.

Set up a super fun scavenger hunt.

Buy the Activity Dice game online or make it yourself.

The American Heart Association created a great downloadable printout you can keep right above the desk which consists of 25 ways to stay active. it’s a great reminder for kids to also stay active when you’re not scheduling their virtual PE or recess time.

Good luck this school year. It’s going to be a challenging time, but keeping our kids active will make it all that much better. There are many resources available at your fingertips…put them to use. You’ve got this!