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A Tool To Stop Bullying Once And For All

What is the purpose of Parents Against Bullying VA
We take a proactive approach to the anti-bully education and awareness of our youth and their families. Our purpose is to empower our use their families and communities to take a stand against bullying.

What sets your organization apart from others?
Parents against bullying takes a hand on approach by working hand-in-hand in any anti-bullying situations proactively or reactively. 365 days a year non stop.
Where is your business located?
Where based out of the Hampton Roads area but have grown international.
How did you get into this organization?
I start appearance against bullying because one of my twins was brutally attacked by a bully in 2012. She was kicked for a total of 17 minutes and I promised that I would be a support to others so they wouldn’t feel left alone in situations such as this.  Bullying wasn’t really talked about Back in 2012 so I want to make sure I became a resource to those that need to help to be proactive and reactive if need be. Such as their rights laws and things of that nature.
I started parents against bullying in 2013 because of this matter.
Why do you do what you do? 
My heart was broken as a Mother going through the attack of my daughter back in 2012. So I wanted to make sure I was able to help other so they wouldn’t feel alone . Also to educate people on this topic as well.
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Why are you passionate about this?
I am passionate about this is because my daughter survived this and I want to make sure that no one else’s daughter or son has to go through this without some support.
What are your goals?
Our goals are to be able to have a one stop shop to have resources for whatever you may need in order to build self-esteem of our youth and children around the world so they can stand up and speak up and speak out against bullying daily. And prayerfully to hopefully end Bullying one day.
We want to be able to travel around the world to have speaking engagements.  We want to sell our books about Bullying so they can be a resource to those we may not able to be with in person.
The name of our book is Let’s Push A Guide to Combat Bullying. It is available on our website www.pabva.com, Barnes & Noble.com, amazon.com and Walmart.com.  It is also available on Kindle.
Check them out online and on social media here:
Website – pabva.com
Instagram – P.A.B.VA
Twitter – PABVirginia


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