Anger Management’s Role in the Will Smith/ Chris Rock Fiasco

As humans, we all experience a wide range in emotions. Happiness, sadness, excitement and anger to name a few. It’s all a part of a normal human experience!

It becomes an issue when anger can no longer be regulated. Here to dive into anger management and the Will Smith debacle with Chris Rock during the Academy Awards is Beverly Hills psychologist Dr. Greg Cason.

Key Takeaways from Dr. Fedrick’s chat with Dr. Greg:

  • Hear about Dr. Cason’s background in the mental health field
  • Learn about the emotional disregulation of the moment at the Oscars, from Will Smith’s perspective
  • Find out how Dr. Cason looks at Will Smith’s actions, from an anger management perspective
  • Learn the difference between anger and rage
  • Discover Dr. Cason’s view on Chris Rock’s reaction to Will Smith
  • Hear how Dr. Greg works on anger management with his clients

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

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