On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Dr.. Geoff Schreiber. Dr. Schreiber is certified by the Virginia Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons to provide in-office sedation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today we have the chance to talk about YOMI, a new Robotic technology. The YOMI is used for robotic assisted dental implant placement. Also, we could discuss the use of Exparel, which is a long acting local anesthetic we use for procedures which decreases the pain patients experience after surgery.

Key Takeaways from Alexis chat with Dr. Schreiber 

● What is YOMI? 

YOMI is a robotic system used for dental implant placement. 

● How does the YOMI work? 

YOMI uses haptic guidance to guide the surgeon so they can perform the surgery exactly as planned pre-operatively using the digital planning software incorporated within the system. 

● How does it benefit patients? 

This system provides a way for the surgeon to place the implant in the perfect position for the future dental crown or bridge restorations which will be attached to the dental implants, while also completing the procedure in the safest manner possible by avoiding vital structures during the surgery.It also decreases surgical time and pain as the surgery can be done in a flapless manner in most cases. 

● What is Exparel? 

Exparel is a long acting local anesthetic that is injected at the time of surgery to provide a decreased level of pain for up to 48 to 72 hours after surgery.

Our surgeons at Eastern Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery use Yomi®, a new alternative to traditional surgical techniques that provides dental surgeons with robotic guidance during surgery.

If Yomi is right for you, your dental team will create a custom treatment plan. This plan will be made using Yomi® software. During surgery, Yomi will assist your surgeon. Yomi® will provide important information that your surgeon can feel, hear and see. Yomi® will guide your surgeon to place your implant precisely to plan.

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