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DIY tricks to Cozy-up your Man Cave!

By Jane Monzures

You know we love our sports, so with all the big games right around the corner, now’s the time to open up the playbook on your den and turn it into the most comfortable man cave possible. With a little DIY inspiration, you can create a room that has an upscale flair with all the comforts of cozy. But don’t let the name fool you … this Man Cave offers luxury that any woman would love too.

To kick things off, be sure to have ample seating starting with barstools:


Bar stools add extra seating in your man cave but you also want them to stay in a cohesive color palette with the rest of the room or maybe even the team that is playing. It’s easy to recover bar stools just remove the old covers and add some padding with cushion foam rounds. All you need to do, cut the foam rounds to the size that fits the base and then using spray glue, you can layer the foam to customize your cushion height.

Finally, cover the foam cushions and base with cohesive fabric from your room decor and staple it into the wood base.

Now on to those people who LOVE to sit on the floor…


On game day, or game night, make sure there is enough seating and that means sometimes people need to sit on the floor but there is an easy way to make sure he or she is comfortable too! Create your own foam comfort wedge. Lean it up against a couch and the back support makes it so comfortable for watching the games and adds extra seating on the floor.

Cover the foam wedge in your cohesive fabric collection and add a zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

Next, don’t forget about the best seat in the house, yours!


Saving the best seat for yourself, it’s easy to make your own giant size beanbag. Really, it is easy. You can make a beanbag chair any size you want, using any fabric you want. You’ll also need to make an inside lining to hold the beanbag filler.

You’ll need to find the circumference of a circle. Remember your teacher saying, math would always come in handy! Use the diameter of the circle and multiple it by 3.14 to get the circumference. Then sew two circles with that same circumference on to a straight piece of fabric the length of the circumference.

Next, pin the circles to the long edges of the fabric and sew closed. On one of the ends you need to leave a 48″ opening for a zipper. Fill the liner bag with beanbag filler and sew it closed then stuff the liner bag into the outer shell and zip it up!

This is one DIY you can be proud of and enjoy while watching the big game. Now it’s time to add pillow accents for extra comfort and decoration….


Lots of pillows are essential in every Man Cave, but to add versatility to the room, try creating a pillow that is double sided so they can create two looks…and essentially two different rooms. On one side, use a cohesive fabric for the room and on the other side, give an old team sweatshirt a new life. You can turn all the pillows one-way for a luxurious look. Then flip them over and you’re ready for the big game.

Oversized pillows are perfect for accenting the couch or for tossing on the floor for relaxed seating. It’ll be hard to tell if the game is on and he’s “just resting with his eyes closed!”

Don’t forget to create a place to put your feet up with an easy to make footstool….


For your Man Cave, create a make-it-yourself footstool, or more formally you can call it a Tuffet. Cover a large piece of foam with fabric and attach it to a piece of wood, add legs and your project is complete. Now it’s time to kick your feet up and relax!

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