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Star Spangled Handmade: Door Decor


Homes across America will fly the red white and blue this 4th of July holiday so get inspired to create door decor to match. Here are a few DIY ideas to ignite your outdoor theme.


You can add patriotic curb appeal with the actual door itself! If your door is old enough and you want a permanent update, paint the existing door, or if you want a temporary look, buy a door from a salvage yard and paint it yourself. Even the big box retailers can help you out with pre-made colored doors. If you paint the door all red or all blue then use other areas of the porch for accents like red, white and blue bunting, flags, furniture and flowers. If you are starting with an all white door, then use it as a canvas to create your own stars and stripes masterpiece. Also, consider using a stick-on door decal and don’t forget the handle. There are a plethora of unique doorknobs to choose from to complete the look. By changing the color of your door you can change the entire look of your home.



Patriotic decoration can adorn the porch with a rustic look. Use distressed wood to create a welcome sign or paint the flag on farmhouse window to continue the Americana theme. This DIY project is easy with a little paint and some stencils or you can buy almost anything from the thousands of creative shops on etsy.



Wreaths add a soft welcoming touch to any front door and they are a simple way to decorate your front entrance. They can be made with fabric scraps, ribbons, mesh, faux flowers, clothes pins, a garden hose; almost anything can be made into a pretty wreath. There are so many opportunities to create a personalized wreath it’s just up to you to which you like best.



Flowers have all the power this summer season so get in bloom and add a patriotic trio of colored flowers to your door décor. Katie Rotella from Wave Petunias says, “It’s great to have a garden that is uniquely yours and the best way to customize with color is to use petunias.” Adding potted plants to your front door decor is an easy way to let your green thumb do the work!

And finally, the most elementary tip of them all, just hang a flag on your door for a simple, cost-effective way to say God Bless the USA.

Happy 4th of July!