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There’s Fun for All Ages Here at Castles-n-Coasters

Mark Taylor describes some of the fun visitors to Castles-n-Coasters can experience. The amusement park, located in the heart of Phoenix, is a family fun park where visitors can experience a variety of rides, enjoy miniature golf or play arcade games. Originally called Golf ~n~ Stuff, the owner added the arcade, expanded the golf features and built attractions. The four miniature golf courses include several culture and location theme venues from around the world.

Attractions include a giant zip line that travels above the golf courses. Visitors can try their luck crossing On the Ropes, a giant obstacle course about 30-45 feet off the ground. The course is a bit of a mind trick and takes some planning and thinking to get through it.

One of the most popular rides is Magic Carpet; a spinning ride that moves backwards and forwards. Magic Carpet is described as a blast; a fun adrenaline ride where gravity takes over. Other rides include; Desert Storm, a double loop roller coaster, Go Karts, and two water rides. Bumper boats, is like bumper cars on water. For thrill seekers, Splash Down, with its down drops is sure to delight.

Castles-n-Coasters recently added an XD attraction called Dark Ride, a 7 Dimensional adventure, with 3D screens, Dolby surround sound and rumble seats. It is competitive and a total immersion into the video game.

The three story arcade is fun for everybody; from the nostalgia of the eighties games to the high tech games of today, gamers have many choices.

When it comes to food, both an indoor and outdoor snack bar offers a variety of food. A dessert bar, Waffles-n-Stuff, is new and the waffle treats are delicious.

Offering something fun for all ages, Castles-n-Coasters will bring out the kid in everyone.

For more information visit castlesncoasters.com