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DIY Table Décor for Your Next Tailgate Party

Hut, hut, hut, hey! Football season is finally here so get fired up and ready to play! From football bowls to referee utensil holders and the gridiron to goal posts, your game day table DIY décor is covered!

Football Field Table Cover:

First, set the playing field. You need 2 yards of green utility fabric or a green tablecloth you already have at home. You’ll also need white athletic tape. Top tip, you can use hockey tape or even medical or craft tape. Make your grid lines first by spacing them out equally and then tape around the border of the material to create sidelines. Finally, to make the numbers, cut out stencils using gold matte cardstock. That is a beautiful field for a winning season.

Referee Utensil Holders:

For your utensils, save those tin cans from the beans and tomatoes you used to make chili. Simply wash them out and cover them with white paper. Glue on strips of black construction paper and you’ve got referee utensil holders. Perfect for holding your knives, forks and spoons…and whistles.

Football Bowls:

This subject will never deflate so jump on the fun and use footballs as dip holders. Be sure to give them a good wash and empty the air and make them concave to create a bowl. Top tip, put a plastic bowls inside the hallowed out footballs so you don’t get that rubber taste mixed in with all your fresh dips. This idea is a victory for every football enthusiast…well except for maybe Patriot’s fans.

Goal Post Popcorn Holders:

tailgate party decorations

This décor is for the playmakers of the group, simply add some goal posts to the ends of your table by cutting out yellow foam core board or regular cardboard wrapped in yellow tape. You can attach a brown paper sack to the base and fill the bag with popcorn or other snacks. These end zones will see lots of TDs!

Football Snack Holders:

Sack the quarter back and give your guests something to cheer about with these snack holders. Cut football shapes from brown card stock, layer 2 football pieces on top of each other and punch holes along the bottom edge of the football. Lace them together with twine and leave an opening at the top. Fill these up with salty snacks and your guest won’t miss a play.

AstroTurf Cozy:

tailgate party decorations

You will need to keep your beverages cool so make your own koozies from AstroTurf. You can use left over AstroTurf from another home improvement project, or ask the sales guy at the big box store, sometimes they have extra turf scraps laying around. Cut the turf to the height and circumference of the can using a blade or sharp scissors and then hot glue the ends together. This is a great way to keep your beverages cool and in the zone.

Flag on the Play Candy Bags:

There’s a flag on the play but these penalties are full of sweet treats for your guests to grab and go! Just be sure to get good field position.

Whether you want to watch the game or just plan the tailgate party, get in the action every Sunday with a football celebration and these fan friendly ideas for the BIG GAME! Go Fight Win and enjoy the celebration dance!

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