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Soak Up the Fun at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

If you're looking to beat the heat, and thrills are what you seek, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix is the adventure for you this summer.

Traveling to the Phoenix area this summer? If so, spending a day at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix is a great way to cool off from the heat and make new memories. Situated on approximately 35 acres of land, it is Arizona’s largest water park and has some of the top slides in the country.

On a recent visit here, Kate Longworth, host of YurView’s Arizona Living: Your Life, Your Style, met with Heather Austin, PR for Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, and got more details about the exciting attractions and how guests are exploring the park safely.

Watch the video above, or take a look at the full interview transcription below we’ve provided for your convenience (lightly edited for clarity).

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, Six Flags
Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

Kate Longworth (00:06) – We’re out here at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, and I’m joined by Heather Austin as we are soaking up the sun. It is so great to see you once again, especially right now. We’re here at your spring break reopening. What’s it mean to have the park back up and running?

Heather Austin (00:22) – We are so excited to be out here, Kate. Thank you for being out. This is amazing. We are so excited to be open to welcome our guests back to the park and for everyone to just enjoy our amazing Arizona weather.

Hurricane Harbor Safety Protocols

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

KL (00:32) – Given the climate of the world today, what safety protocols do you have in place?

HA (00:36) – You know, safety really is our priority here at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix. Our safety protocols and hygiene measures exceed federal and local standards. You’ll see a variety of things around the park, including all of our team members wearing masks. Our guests will wear masks unless they’re on an attraction or actively eating.

And then, we have a lot of new technology that you’ll see. As you come into the park, you’ll have a touchless temperature check that just scans your temperature. Then a touchless bag check. You’ll walk through. No one’s going through your bag which is really great. And then you’ll see that there is social distancing protocols throughout the park.

As you’re in line, we have a reservation system. So when you arrive, everyone’s arriving with a reservation in increments of 15 minutes to really space those people out and allow them to socially distance. And then you’ll see team members throughout the park – they’re doing a tremendous job of sanitizing those high touch areas to really help people to focus on the fun while we focus on the safety.

2020 Season Pass Holders

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

KL (01:26) – And now that you guys are back up and running, will you be honoring the season passes from 2020?

HA (01:31) – We are, Kate. You know, that’s a really great question that we hear a lot. Of course we’re honoring those 2020 Season Pass holders. We’re so grateful for your loyalty. Come on back to the park. And then, as well, if you don’t have a season pass yet, grab one for 2021. It pays for itself in less than two visits, and you have access to all the other 27 Six Flags parks here in the U.S.

KL (01:49) – It’s a great deal. And for folks who’ve never been out here, can you kind of just give an overview of what they can expect if they decide to spend the day out at Hurricane Harbor?

Arizona’s Largest Water Park

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

HA (01:57) – Kate, we are the largest water park in Arizona. We’ve got 35 acres, over 30 attractions. There’s really something for everyone. We’re moms, so we’re looking at what we have for our kids. There are great things for our younger guests. But there are so many fun slides for thrill seeking adults and teens. You’re not going to get bored here. There’s really something for everyone.

KL (02:14) – So along those lines, what are the crowd favorites when it comes to rides and attraction?

HA (02:19) – Okay, I love Mammoth Falls. I’m a bit of a wimp, and I still get a little bit scared. It’s right behind this. As you can see you’re on a tube with a couple of friends. If you go backwards, it’s a little scary. You’ll drop down, and then you see, you shoot up right up that kind of skateboard ramp… a couple seconds of weightlessness and then you safely go to the calm waters below.

And then behind me we have Bahama Blaster. This is the first dueling water roller coaster in North America. It’s so fun because you can race your friend or your child. It shoots you up and then down like a regular waterside. And then over there we’ve got Anaconda. It’s got more twists and turns than any slide in Arizona. Both Anaconda and Bahama Blaster are two of the top 10 slides in the nation.

New Features at the Park

KL (02:54) – And are there any new features or rides that are now open?

HA (02:58) – We are so excited. Paradise Island is coming this summer. So that is the largest expansion we’ve had in years. It’s going to be over here behind the kids area. And it’s really cool, Kate, because it has a similar kind of water feature like our wave pool with that zero depth entry. It’s got basketball, volleyball. There’s new dining, there’s new restrooms, more seating and shade. So it’s a huge new 47,000 sq. ft. area that is going to be a great welcome addition kind of right over here to the east here by our children’s area.

KL (03:27) – It’s so great because no matter the age of your children, like you said, you can safely enjoy and have fun with these rides and attractions. But you also work up an appetite. So what food offerings do you guys have here at the park?

HA (03:39) – So I was cracking up because you know, some of the moms are like… Yeah, we’re just sitting in chairs, eating our churros while the kids play. And you can do that. We have everything from healthy food options to adult beverages. We’ve got our churros, our fried bread. We have new street tacos this year which you’ve got to try. They’re so good. We’ve got a chicken lime, seasoned lime. And then we’ve got carnitas. They’re delicious. And you just get the Six Flags app on your phone. Do the mobile ordering from your chair. They’ll let you know when it’s ready to go. You’re set, no worries.

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix Hours

KL (04:07) – Absolutely incredible. And for people who want to come out here, what’s the best time or day to come out and visit?

HA (04:15) – You know, we’re open weekends until May 21st. So we’re open from 11 am to 5 pm on weekends in April and May. And then May 21st we’ll be open seven days a week. So weekends are still a really good time to come out because we are limiting our capacity. There’s plenty of room, plenty of opportunities to enjoy the rides. And then once we’re open seven days a week, if you can, I love to come on the weekdays. But we’re still a great time on the weekends as well.

KL (04:39) – Thank you so much, Heather, for having us out here today. It’s so wonderful to have a place that you can have fun and safely explore. And if you would like more information on Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, please head to their website.