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How Cox Connect2Compete is Making a Difference

Roxanne Wingate, Cox Public Affairs Department, explains the Cox Connect2 Compete Program. A recent computer distribution involved giving away 50 computers in the Osborn School District. She explained the families who qualify have the opportunity to purchase a computer for $10. To qualify families cannot be a current Cox customer, nor have any existing debt with Cox and they must have a child enrolled in the free lunch program. Meeting those requirements they can qualify for Cox high-speed internet for $9.95 per month, guaranteed for up to two years.

Wingate says it is important for Cox to provide Connect2 Compete to the community because Cox knows it is necessary to bridge the digital divide. The role technology plays in education today has changed the access to text books and other learning resources. So much of what students need is found online; both at school and at home. Students having access to the internet at home compliments school activities and enhances communication between the school, students and families.

Cox has held several Connect2 Compete events across the Valley and for Cox it is wonderful to be part of helping students and families to bridge the digital divide as it relates to school and beyond. Parents also appreciate the opportunity to give their children and family what they thought they would never be able to afford.

Cox Connect2 Compete is not only making a difference today, but for the future. To learn more about the Cox Connect2 Compete Program, click here.