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HarborOne | ONECommunity Scholarship

Sponsored by: HarborOne Bank

Over the last 15 years, HarborOne has provided more than $600,000 in college scholarships and we are truly passionate about continuing this effort to support exceptional students throughout the region.

  • ONE Community Scholarship

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00:01 Jennifer White – VP of Community & Public Relations – HarborOne Bank

One Community Scholarship is a program that was founded in 2016. By harbor one bank, it really celebrates the commitment to community and academic achievement. For exceptional seniors going into college from across the region.

00:18 Stephen Gibbons – Regional Vice President – HarborOne Bank

The scholarship program has been great. We’ve circulated that through Rhode Island and Massachusetts and we give out scholarships to young  people and to continue their education.

00:28 Jennifer White – VP of Community & Public Relations – HarborOne Bank

HarborOne Bank’s One Community Scholarship Program is a 10 year $1 million commitment. So $100,000 a year, the scholarship benefits 20 exceptional students from across the region, each student receives a $5,000  one time award, to their school of choice.

00:49 Stephen Gibbons – Regional Vice President – HarborOne Bank

As a community lender for my entire career, I think it’s fantastic that the bank seeks out the community works on education, which really comes back to the bank, it’s great opportunity for children to expand their education. And it’s a great opportunity for us to go to be out in the in the community that we serve.

Aemilia Blais – Scholar

01:09 Aemilia Blais – Rochester Institute of Technology – Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship will help me to be able to focus on what I’m studying, and it will help alleviate some of the stress of paying for college. So I can really focus on what’s important and learn as much as I can.

01:23 Brian Blais – Parent

It allows you to not have to think quite as much about the paying back a lot of the costs of college and allows you to focus on the things that are important to her and what she wants to accomplish.

Christopher Relyea – Scholar

1:35  Christopher Relyea – Boston University – Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship is really helpful for kind of starting to fund my college education. Bu is a little expensive, and this is really helping me to go there. And it’s the school that I really love. So I’m really grateful.

Christopher Grivers – Scholar

1:48 Christopher Grivers – University of Rhode Island – Scholarship Recipient

The harbor one scholarship is going to allow me to focus more on my academics during my college, and also lessen the financial impact on my parents who worked very hard for me.

02:02 Peter Grivers – Parent

This scholarship is going to be a tremendous impact to my family. And to me, pulled from a financial standpoint, and just from a standpoint of knowing that it’s just not going to be as much of a financial burden moving forward.

02:15 Christopher Grivers – University of Rhode Island – Scholarship Recipient

I’d like to be employed somewhere that I can make a positive impact on the future of human life in general, like maybe I can design something that can cure a disease or help the environment

Olivia Kline – Scholar

02:31 Olivia Kline – Franciscan University of Steubenville – Scholarship Recipient

to know that there are people out there who are willing to support young students dreams, and to help us get to where we’d love to be it’s so helpful and inspiring and comforting.

02:42  Lisa Kline – Parent

And I think the fact that it’s a one community scholarship, so is it all you all of these great kids from many different communities really stepping up, especially over this past year to serve and help their communities. So the fact that the bank supports that encourages that and really inspires that in our young student leaders for the future, I think is tremendous.

03:07  Marina Relyea – Parent

I think it’s wonderful that that’s where they’re putting their money and to kids who especially now, there must be so many families in need. It’s just a wonderful gift that they’re giving the kids.

03:22 Peter Grives – Parent

My family and I are new to HarborOne but we are looking forward to working together with them and seeing what kind of opportunities they can help us with as we manage our financial goals moving forward.

03:33 Stephen Gibbons – Regional Vice President – HarborOne Bank

I’ve been lending for well over 30 years and to see that we have we are investing in the community investing in educational minds. It’s a proud moment for me. I believe our future is bright as we invest in these students.

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