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Focus on Community Helps Make Uptown Farmers Market A Success

The environment is kid friendly with bouncy houses and soccer nets.

On this segment of Arizona Living, host Monica Nelson is at the Uptown Farmer’s Market. Monica is joined by Emily Hathaway who talks about why the market is so successful and highly rated. According to Emily the market keeps the focus on; kitchen, plants, food and garden. Occasionally there are some craft vendors but the focus is clearly on the kitchen and food. According to Hathaway, that is what builds the community at the market.

The market is partnered with several restaurants “between the 7’s”, referring to 7th Street and Seventh Avenue. The chefs set up a kitchen and demonstrate recipes made from the items at the market. The demonstrations and recipes are wonderful.

The environment is kid friendly with bouncy houses and soccer nets. There are coloring and craft activities for the kids and those change seasonally.

Monica has picked up some veggies at the market and confesses she hates to slice, dice and chop the fruits and vegetables purchased at the Uptown Farmer’s Market. However, the problem can be taken care of by Veggie Valet. This service is made possible through a partnership with Careers through Culinary Arts Program. The partnership sends high school students to culinary school through scholarships. The service is free of charge. Of course, donations are welcomed.

Monica enjoyed her time at the Uptown Farmers Market and says in the near future cooking classes will be offered at the market. Check out the website for more information.


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