EMDR Therapy 

Talk therapy is the first mode of therapeutic tactics that comes to mind when someone is in need of some mental health help.

But what happens when talk therapy just isn’t doing the trick? There are countless other types of therapy, probably too many to name! Today we are joined by Michael Klinkner- MSW, LCSW, and Board Certified PTSD clinician to talk about one of those modes of therapy, EMDR.

Key Takeaways from Liz’s chat with Michael: 

• What exactly EMDR is
• How was the EMDR approach developed, and why is it effective?
• What does a typical EMDR session look like?
• What kinds of diagnoses other than trauma is this type of therapy effective for?
• Learn if there are any physical side effects to this mode of therapy

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

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