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What To Expect At OdySea Aquarium

During its construction, General Manager Greg Charbeneau talks about what visitors can expect to see at the OdySea Aquarium. Greg says visitors can expect a tremendous amount of fun. They will see a lot of animals from around the world such as sea turtles, fish, sharks, stingrays, gators, sea lions, otters and penguins are all part of the variety to be seen and experienced at the aquarium. Team members will be interactive with visitors as well as the animals. While it is entertainment, there is also focus on education and a message of conservation of the animals and their habitats.

With a mission of educating about the marine environment the OdySea Aquarium Foundation provides opportunities for Title I schools, as well as future programs and other groups, to educate and inspire tomorrow’s conservationists, educators and biologists.

OdySea Aquarium is scheduled to open late summer or early fall 2016.

For more information visit odyseaaquarium.com