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Paradise Earth

Experience a Unique Rainforest Adventure at Paradise Earth

There's no need to travel to the Amazon if you want a glimpse of rainforest wildlife. Just visit Paradise Earth - America's largest rainforest. Here, you'll get to see thousands of unique and beautiful birds, majestic trees, and other animal inhabitants. http://paradiseearth.com/ SUBSCRIBE for more entertainment videos: https://bit.ly/2AElfkI Follow us on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2JLktb2 Like us on Facebook:...
Polar Play

Beat the Brutal Arizona Heat and Cool Down at Polar Play Ice Bar

Beat the harsh Arizona heat at Polar Play Ice Bar, the coolest place in the desert. With temperatures just below freezing, this icy wonderland is a great way to kick back and relax for a bit before making your way to the Lodge to warm up from your frozen experience. https://polarplay.com/ SUBSCRIBE for more entertainment...

Take a Step Back in Time at Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs

Take a step back in time when you visit Pangaea: Land of the Dinosaurs, located at OdySea Aquarium entertainment district. Kids and parents alike will have a dino-mite time learning about some of history's coolest dinos, as well as participating in fun activites such as the T-Rex Obstacle Course, the Fossil Dig, and live...

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, on Display for a Limited Time Only!

For a limited time only, discover the compelling stories told through authentic artifacts and recreations of one of history's most well known ships, the RMS Titanic. This exhibition will take you back in time to experience one of the most famous tragedies in modern history. https://titanicaz.com/ SUBSCRIBE for more Entertainment videos: https://bit.ly/2AElfkI Follow us on Twitter:...
Sweet Shops

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at These Sweet Shops at OdySea in the Desert

 Whether it's ice cream, a block of fudge, or some fruity candy goodness, you'll be able to satisfy your sweet craving at one of the many sweet shops located at OdySea in the Desert. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - www.rmcf.com Sugar Drop Candy Shop - www.odyseainthedesert.com/stores/sugar-drop-candy-shop/ Frozen Penguin Ice Cream - www.odyseainthedesert.com/stores/frozen-penguin-ice-cream/ SUBSCRIBE for more food and drink...
Four Peaks Mining Co.

Four Peaks Mining Co. at OdySea Aquarium in the Desert

Four Peaks Mining Co. offers some of the highest quality gemstones here in Arizona. Pop in on your next trip to OdySea Aquarium in the Desert to take home your own piece of Arizona, as well as participate in a free mining experience. http://fourpeaksminingco.com/ SUBSCRIBE for more Entertainment videos: https://bit.ly/2AElfkI Follow us on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2JLktb2 Like us...
OdySea in the Desert

Destination: OdySea in the Desert Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ

It may be the largest aquarium in the state, but there's more to OdySea Aquarium than you'd expect. Join JR Cardenas as he shows us all the exciting adventures to explore just outside OdySea in the Desert Aquarium. SUBSCRIBE for more Entertainment videos: https://bit.ly/2AElfkI Follow us on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2JLktb2 Like us on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2I52E3I  
Family Fun

Visit OdySea This Holiday Season for a Day of Family Fun

Looking for a day of family fun? Visit OdySea in the Desert for sea life, dinosaurs, a laser maze and more! Visit odyseaaquarium.com for details and tickets
Sharks at Odysea Aquarium

Sharks! A Look At the Giants of the Sea

By Shana Fischer The movie, "Jaws", about a shark with a taste for blood terrified millions of moviegoers. It also sparked a fascination with these giant creatures of the sea. Throughout the years, our interest in sharks has only grown thanks to the widely popular television series, "Shark Week" and the campy made-for-television film, "Sharknado". Sharks...

Amram Knishinsky: OdySea Aquarium Visionary

Only a true visionary could come up with the idea of creating a 2 million gallon aquarium in the desert, but how did it all come about?  Learn about the man behind the vision of Odysea, and what inspired Dr. Amram Knishinsky.   As a real estate developer, he made his career in land,...