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Adorable African Penguins at Arizona’s OdySea Aquarium

Another endangered species at the OdySea Aquarium is the African Black Footed Penguin. It is found off the southern tip of South Africa. OdySea is home to a colony of 20 penguins. They are unique in coloration. As they mature they develop the stark black and white color associated with penguins but they also have an upside down U on their chest and speckles in their feathers. The speckles are as different on the each penguin as fingerprints are on humans.

The main threat for these penguins is humans. They are being displaced off the beaches, their eggs are hunted and garbage in the oceans is a hazard for their survival. With a diet of fish, over fishing is another threat for the penguin. Parents have to go further and further out to fish for their young and the waters can be dangerous.

Education and observation are keys to helping the human species realize the role they play in conservation; our own and the species around us. The mission of the OdySea Aquarium is to show and tell that story.

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