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The Honey Brie Co. Turns Charcuterie Into Edible Works of Art

After preparing a beautiful and delicious charcuterie we got the chance to learn a little bit more about The Honey Brie Co, and what drives them to be the best.

What does The Honey Brie Co do?

I curate one-of-a-kind cheese+charcuterie boards & deliver them right to your door!

What sets you apart from the others?

In addition to offering the highest quality service and ingredients, my authenticity is what sets my brand apart.

I knew from the very beginning that being the only one to offer this service to Hamptons Roads wasn’t going to last long. I made it my mission to have a deeper connection with my Honeys (that’s what I call my customers) to show it goes beyond the sales for me.

The Honey Brie Co. is a labor of love!

Where are you located?

As of now, we work out of a cater kitchen in Virginia Beach. It was the safest option to start a business out of since no one else at the time was doing it.

Now that we know just how much the 757 loves cheese, we are planning a brick & mortar.


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Can you share a brief history of your company/organization with us?

After spending years sharing my artful spreads on social media to friends, I took the leap to create The Honey Brie Co. as a side hustle in January 2020. And thanks to word of mouth it just took off from there!

What is your slogan and why is it your slogan?

“Show Me The Honey!” I personally deliver all orders, so it came to me one day when I realized almost everyone opens the box out of excitement before even going back into the house.

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How did you get into this business?

I had a friend in NC share a box she had purchased in her area. It was a basic pepperoni box with cube cheese and cucumbers.. but people were going crazy in the comments on where they can get one too.

She posted how much she paid, and my jaw dropped because the ingredients were nowhere near that number. I realized after a lot of research no one was offering even that in Hampton Roads, so I got to work!

What drives you to succeed?

Passion! I am so passionate about my craft and wanting to share it with everyone it gives me the drive succeed.

What do you love most about what you do?

Never creating the same board twice! Every board is a form of expression that adds to The Honey Brie Co. experience!

Why do you do what you do?

My best memories are gathered around in the kitchen with family over a good snack. To be able to create that for someone else is my dream job.

What is your inspiration for continuing every day?

Easy, my daughter Sophie. She is what keeps me wanting to be the best version of myself every day.

Can you share the funniest/craziest/most surprising story or experience you’ve had while doing what you do?

This moment right here! I never expected what started out as a creative outlet to be so well received in our community I took a leap of faith and our community caught me.

I wouldn’t be here today talking about my dream job without that. My family and I are eternally grateful.

For more information on The Honey Brie Co.:

Visit then online: TheHoneyBrieCo.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thehoneybrieco

Instagram: Instagram.com/thehoneybrieco

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